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Monday, 27 August 2012

I Did It.

I drove to work.  And, and, I didn't swerve onto the other side of the road and kill anyone else.

Because I've got control, and whatever OCD tells me, it's not going to make me do anything.

In theory!


  1. Congratulations!! Great accomplishment.

    And it's not just a theory. Everything I've read and heard from OCD experts, is that if someone truly has OCD, it is very unlikely they will ever act on the thoughts. That makes sense, because the only reason we obsess about those thoughts in the first place is because they frighten us!

  2. Yay!

    Driving fears and phobias plagued me for years! From the time I first started driving at age 17 until I was about 29 and I still have times where I just can't drive on a highway (in wind, rainm snow and at night).

    I think many people without OCD may just worry a bit about driving but we have our OCD which can really invade every area of our life. Even driving.

    I used to fear I'd kill someone and I was driving a bullet so to say. I was so scared to drive on certain roads, to drive at night etc. It took me years to be able to drive on our bypass.

  3. I've never yet acted on a thought, and yet I'm still terrified that I will. I was going to say that it's strange, but that's what OCD is really, isn't it?

    Elizabeth - I suppose that driving is quite a scary thing anyway, isn't it? When I drive, I'm in control of a vehicle which could do damage and so my OCD is going to jump on that and take advantage of it..! It sounds like you managed to get over your driving obsession, though - well done - which is really reassuring to hear.