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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Is This a Problem for the Rest of the World? {{Or}} Hurray for the NHS.

I went to the doctors' four weeks ago on Tuesday.

It was one of the biggest, bravest things I've ever done in my life.  I thought that it would be the beginning of getting better.

But no, apparently not.  Because my referral hasn't come through.  The doctor said that, if I hadn't heard anything in four weeks, then I'd have to go back.  Presumably to remind them that I still exist and I'm still not eating anything.

All I want to do is get better because I'm so hungry and I've got to the point where I'd just like to be normal, yes please thankyou very much.

I know I shouldn't be moaning, because I'm really lucky to have access to free healthcare, and to be able to go and get counselling without having to worry about the financial aspects.  I know that.  But it would be really nice if it actually worked, and I wasn't waiting for months and months whilst I'm losing even more weight, and destroying my health even more.

Last time I had CBT, I had two sessions and then the counselling service had an overhaul and they 'temporarily discharged' me for over a year.  By the time the letter came, I'd got past the point where I desperately needed help - because these things tend to run in cycles - and, although I still had a problem, I chose not to accept the help.

It seems that getting better is just about impossible.


  1. Ugh - how frustrating!!! These things do happen in the U.S., depending on what insurance plan you have. Some insurance plans require referrals, and some don't. I had a relative who had to wait over a month to get his referral for his very sick child and he had to keep calling the doctor's office over and over. He did finally get it, but what a pain! It also depends on how good your doctor's office is. Some doctor's offices are very good and are on top of referrals and get them right out to you. Others, well, you can see my relative's experience. I change doctors if they or their staff are not on top of stuff.

  2. It sounds like it's a problem anywhere you go then, Sunny! Sorry about your relative - I hope they're better now? It's shocking, isn't it, that the medical profession just view you as a job of work and a statistic...The thing with where I live is that it's very rural and so you have to register with the only surgery that there is.