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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another Day.

So, my weigh in wasn't brilliant, but it was OK.  I'm allowed to continue at University and at work for the present, which is a good thing at least.

It turns out that I hadn't heard anything from the Eating Disorders' Clinic because they'd not received my referral.  Which, I think, is NHS speak for having lost it, or just not bothering to process things.  I hope their counsellors are better than their admin. staff! Although my GP contacted them on the same day I went for my weigh-in and it should all be sorted now.

I just can't wait to get better and eat Mini Eggs! Although I think that it's probably somewhat ambitious to imagine that I'll ever feel totally OK about eating chocolate again.  I've got so used to bargaining with myself and adjusting my intake so that I can eat when absolutely unavoidable, and binge/purging that I actually can't remember what it's like to eat normally: even when I think I'm doing so, I'm often calculating the calories and how fat I think the food is going to make me.

This week is turning out to be quite stressful: my best friend is poorly and has to go to hospital for tests, and so I'm - naturally - worried about her; we've had an essay deadline at University, and it's the first week back after Christmas, which always makes it a little bit stressful.  Added to this that I've been trying to lose the weight I think I must have gained over Christmas, even if the scales say otherwise, and you've not got the best mix!

Hope everyone else is fighting off the post-Christmas blues?

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