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Monday, 10 December 2012

Sometimes, Good Things Happen.

I think that I've written about it before, but my life must sound terribly doomy and gloomy on this blog.

It's really not: when I'm not obsessing about food or my health or my sister's health (or, let's face it, any one of a number of things!), I'm actually quite a happy person.

I'm happy when my boyfriend comes home from University for the holidays and we drink tea in front of a fire in a tearoom only we know about.

I'm happy when my sister and I are at home together.

I'm happy when I'm with my best friend.

I'm happy (mostly!) when I'm at work and at University.

I'm happy when I'm writing.

I'm happy when I walk home from the bus stop and play my music as loud as I like (and sing fairly loudly too!).

And, yes, I'm happy when I get my first two followers (!!!) and when I hit 800 pageviews.  Because then I think that I'm making a little bit of a difference somewhere in the world.

When are you happy?


  1. I am happy most when I have a good book to read and I am very happy when I am able to go for a long hike or run. I like sewing also and eating something chocolate makes me happy. Happy to meet you Kate.

  2. I'm happy hanging out with my family. I'm happy with Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and fun food is all around! I'm happy serving at church. I'm happy cuddling my kitty. I'm happy reading blogs!